About us

About Us

Proud to Serve You

Flourish Life Tea is a small minority owned business located in Dallas County, Alabama, the heart of the Blackbelt District.  We are a health and wellness-focused premier and authentic Tea brand, bringing you an excellent refreshing experience with hand-picked tea leaves from across the world. We prefer to pick exclusively the top manufacturers of quality goods to deliver our customers the most trustworthy products. Our main goal has been to provide high-quality Tea for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with drinking healthy tea into one extraordinary tea experience. 

Our Mission

With health and wellness being one of our ultimate goals, it is our mission to introduce, empower, and educate communities on the benefits of tea as an aid to help them seek healthy choices and bring the community together in unity while focusing on their health and wellness.

Our Values

  • We aim to introduce and make available healthy and organic tea as an aid to help people seek healthy choices and take charge of their bodies.

  • We aspire to indulge and support health groups for social empowerment through our products and empowering the community.

  • We aim to provide jobs and teach gardening skills through our tea garden to those interested in our cause and looking out for sustainable living.

  • We aim at reaching the corners of the world to spread love and happiness among the community by overcoming all disparities.

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable world with a healthy community. We aspire to bring together the people through our healthy initiative and empower the community in focusing on their health and wellness.